ITS ALL RELATIVE: 5 Minutes with Relative Soul’s Micheal Gurge 

By D.C. Weidenfeller – Editor in Chief 

Photo used with permission by M. Gurge. 

          Always sure to draw a crowd. They are high energy and dedicated to their craft. They are winners of this years Road to Vibes contest. They are Relative Soul and they are pumped to hit the stage at 1:45 today down at Seaside Park for opening day of Gathering of the Vibes.  
     I was able to catch up with band member Micheal Gurge for a chat and here is what Gurge had to say. 

Dave W. How does it feel and what does it mean to the band winning the Road to Vibes Contest?

Micheal Gurge: It is almost unexplainable to express the emotion of gratitude, love and humility that we as people and a band feel by being voted to perform at the Gathering of the Vibes through the sheer volume and diligence of our extended family of relative Souls (or if you prefer fans) efforts that we have finally made it to play this amazing festival. Throughout the contest our family of Souls kept telling us that they voted today etc.

It was and still is an amazing experience.

D. W. – Being from the area what does Gathering of the Vibes mean to you as a musician and as a fan? 
M. G. – There are many events and or other festivals that Relative Souls have played and are playing at throughout the course of our career. All of them are equally as important to us. However, I have said this once before; It is an absolute pleasure to play in different sandboxes a.k.a. festivals in many different areas. But, it is extra special when you can play in this huge beautiful sandbox that is right in your backyard called Gathering of the Vibes. Personally as a music lover in general it is awesome to be performing at an event that I would normally be at as a fan. We have watched many of our other friends from different bands play in this playground. It is really special that we can join them this year
D. W. – What can we expect in the future from Relative Souls?
M. G. – Relative Souls as a musical outfit and a band of Brothers are constantly evolving as a band and as people. I had a supporter of the band once give us a huge compliment that sticks out in my mind at this particular moment in time. He said that we cannot be categorized as a jam, rock, funk or progressive type of band. The truth is, we are just a band that has the amazing blessing to have music move through us and are fortunate enough to translate these vibrations collectively into songs. Our muse is connecting with all music lovers just like ourselves. This is the meaning and mindset of our band name “Relative Souls”. It is our future, past and present. 
     Well there you have it 5 minutes with Relative Soul Micheal Gurge.  
     He is the bands lead vocalist and organ / keyboardist and also a collaborative writer within the band.   

courtesy a photographer Catherine Avery.       

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“Positive Energy” They Say

So here is something that’s been floating around my mind and I thought I would put it out there as the Ink Blot’s first interactive piece; with an opinion weaved throughout.
I’m sure most of us have see those Energizer Battery commercial with these batteries made with recycled batteries. I personally think it’s a great idea, considering I only know what I’m handed by the television commercial.
BUT, I do have some questions like how is this done, though I’m sure it’s not as simple a recharge. Where do they collect these used batteries, it’s not stated in the commercial at all about collection points or if it’s only their brand they recycle.
It’s a wonderful idea if it is as clean as it seems, but is it to good to be true? Obviously part of the attraction is the idea that less used batteries end up in landfills and where ever else garbage ends up. It might be safe to say that is is also cheaper to recycle batteries then produce them with all new materials. Which glides us to the point of where do they get these batteries?
It seems everybody wants to be a part of the “Green” movement and the seed planted in your mind, what do you think about recycled batteries? Are they safe? Why didn’t battery manufacturers do this from the start, and what about the rechargeable ones ?
Email us and tell us your thoughts.

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From Dormant to Life Like Winter to Spring

It’s been some time since our last posting as I had to focus on something else and could not devote the time to give quality.
Like winter surrendering to spring so too is the Black Rock Ink Blot’s hibernation. ( of course it seems we have much more winter upon us).
I have begun enlisting some local talent to contribute to the sight to help capture a broader and more detailed view of all the wonderful things going on.
The site will have a variety of pieces on any numbers of topics from local music and arts to profiles of our friends and neighbors telling their unique story. Reviews and opinions on pretty much everything. We will even showcase fiction from our staff to local talent even reader submissions.
I hope to have thing up and running a week or so before spring. So stay tuned !

Thank you.
D. Weidenfeller.

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Necro Nicki : Burning Angel Rising Star

Copy right 2014 Vato Loco Photograffiti/NecroNicki Used with permission

Copy right 2014 Vato Loco Photograffiti/NecroNicki
Used with permission


Before we start here I must first put something out there. My usual construct for an interview was completely ignored as this conversation really took a life of its own. I really got to know somebody I respect and admire. Sure she is beginning a career in the adult entertainment industry, we that’s pretty cool in my book.

After a conversation and many hours working on the transcription an editing friend told me that I should simply use the audio recordings and add a visual element. So For this very special interview that is exactly what I did. I feel that it captures the moment much better to hear it as it happened and preserves the integrity. This is by far the best interview I have done for many reasons but the one I find particularly unique is that I may have only asked 4 many five of the 16 original planned and ordered questions, yet My new friend Nicki answered them all. so check out my youTube channel for the full uncensored conversation.

Thank you for your support.

Dave Weidenfeller

Necro Nicki – So Hot She’s Felt on the East Coast

D.C. Weidenfeller

There isn’t any rest for the wicked, at least not until they kick the bucket or in the case of alternative model and up and coming XXX starlet for Burning Angel, Necro Nicki, which she simple states “to be the best”

Our sinfully gorgeous Nicki takes a sleek and sexy form, long midnight black hair and eyes that will place a black magic hold on any man’s desire.

At 24, standing only 5’4” tall and measuring out at 32-25-36 at 115 pounds it’s easy to see why Joanna and the gang at Burning brought Miss Nicki into the mix, but it wasn’t straight to DVD for this girl, she does it all.

After earning her degree to become a teacher AND a Paralegal certificate from UCLA she admittedly got caught up in the “other worldliness” of Hollywood and quickly got into the metal scene. She wasn’t just another pretty face, Necro Nicki screamed and growled with the best of them.

Though not admitting defeat in any way, she mention she did struggle within the scene, calling herself a minority being “the hot metal babe” in a scene dominated by men. Given the right project and musical chemistry, Nicki does hope to return to the stage but for now it all about modeling and Burning Angel.

The girl loves art…Art and music. In a way everything she does is art. It all has passion drive and emotion. From the tattoos that adorn her body to her love of dark art. In a separate conversation she told me she had just bought water colors and art supplies to work on her own “dark art” and in our first conversation she was frame hunting at the Goodwill. It is this kind of commitment to what she loves to do that will help her reach her goal, which is very simple… “To be the best”

Of course she loves metal, but music is a passion regardless of genre, and sites that The Beatles “are my all time favorite band” with The Magical Mystery Tour being a must have album. Ironically enough if you mention Helter Skelter in earshot of Miss Nicki, you may just provoke a conversation on her fascination with Charles Manson. Brutal honesty ( not to mention Mr. Mason on her butt cheek, listen to the conversation and hear the story!) mixed with her sweet demeanor and passion and drive which she applies to everything she does makes her a talented force to keep an eye on.

With possible Award nominations in the future for her work at Burning Angel, that goal may be realized sooner then later.

So do yourself a favor show your support and visit her website for more information, her modeling gallery and Necro Nicki merchandise.

Then when you’re ready to… visit her and the rest of the sensational girls of Burning Angel and check out her scenes and show your support. I can’t tell you much, but I will say this…. It’s worth it.

I hope to keep in touch with our new friend Nicki and follow her on her journey to the top, as well as check in on what other new projects she may be getting into.

to listen to the full uncensored conversation follow the link below:

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Into the Mind of GOTV Founder Ken Hays

Returning once again to Bridgeport’s beloved Seaside Park and one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s must see music festivals of the summer, Gathering of the Vibes and it’s tribe of merry patrons will take residence July 31 to August 3.

Keeping in spectacular tradition with former Bridgeport mayor and circus extraordinaire P.T. Barnum and his “Greatest Show on Earth” Gathering of the Vibes boasts a huge assortment of entertainment with over 40 bands, crafts people and vendors from all over, and a humanity friendly Not for Profit Village; for those who wish to learn or let involved and still look cool doing so… and still yet there is more. There are fire performers and Gong meditation, plenty of food and beverage and of course the refreshing waters of Long Island sound.

With the count down officially underway, I was given an opportunity to speak with the Mayor of Vibes’ Shakedown Street Ken Hays to talk about this year’s festival, Bridgeport and more.


Ken Hays: Dave, Hey Ken Hays how are you


Dave Weidenfeller: Hey Ken, I’m doing great how are you?


K.H: I’m doing alright.


D.W: Great, well I’d really like to thank you for taking the time to talk with me, can you believe its our third time kind of exciting but anyways lets jump right into it.

How does it feel to be coming up on the two decade mark, this being the 19th Festival and the 9th if I’m correct, right here in Bridgeport?



K.H: Well lets see, we were here 1999 and 2000 then 2007 through 2014 so what’s that… 9… yea so nine times here in Bridgeport and it feels great, you know. The city has done everything they possibly can to ah, support the Gathering of the Vibes and I’m very appreciative. But as its been very publicly expressed its an enormously expensive venue to operate, but it is an absolutely gorgeous park and I feel it’s something that’s good for Bridgeport and good for Vibes and the state in general. You know, as we see more and more 25 to 34 year olds move out of the state, maybe this will hopefully be something that will encourage them to hang out in Connecticut for a while or at least come back and visit.


D.W: that’s an interesting perspective. Did you envision the festival going this long and can we hope for its continuation into the future?


K.H: I certainly hope so, you know… when we started 19 years ago it never was a plan to make to make this long term and to engage in what it is we’re doing. I love doing what I’m doing and as long as attendee’s keep coming and have fun, enjoying time with friends and family, I look forward to continuing.


D.W: And I think I can speak for many here, we love what you do too!  


K.H: Well I appreciate that, I do very much.Image

Ken Hays and Festival MC Wavy Gravy grace the main stage in between sets during last years festival. Photo by D.Weidenfeller


D.W: With acts this year like Wide Spread Panic, Umphrey’s McGee, and the percussionists from the Dead playing with the Disco Biscuits, How do you the tribe has reacted to the line-up?


K.H: Well based on ticket sales their very supportive of this years line-up. It’s great to have all those bands that you mentioned, and you know, John Fogerty and Ziggy Marley and so many others. Its important that we continue to consistently try to mix it up, you know, and bring in new fresh blood. You know to have the band Lotus performing their version, their interpretation of the Talking Heads is something that is going to be quite inspiring as well. So it’s those one time … you know, those one time musical… ah what am I trying to say, those one time musical experiences that make the Vibes so unique. And when artist sit in with other artists and artist crosspollination with some incredibly talented musicians. That’s what is unique about the Vibes and takes it musically to another level.


D.W: And well speaking about variety and talented artists, The Road to Gathering of the Vibes Contest, which was won by the Cosmic Dust Bunnies, how do you feel about them?


K.H: I think their incredibly talented and as do, I think… goodness, I think between 25 and 35 thousand people voted and it’s the most democratic way to get your band or your favorite band onto the bill, is to vote on Facebook for your favorite band… and it went down to the wire with a couple different artists, but the Cosmic Dust Bunnies pulled through at the end. Again their a great bunch of musicians, incredibly talented, and look forward to having them kick off the main stage Thursday.


D.W: Definitely cool. Fire Performances have been becoming very popular over the years (and one of my festival favorite of mine) what do you think they add to the festival experience?


K.H: You know Vibes is all about art forms, all different types of art forms. You know whether it is musical or creative, like the fire twirlers and performers. Its about new and creative expressions of art and that’s what its all about.


D.W: Last year I had a great time with the girlfriend and her daughter at the school of rock stage, and being familiar with the program from an earlier article, how do you think it effects the children and their parents to see kids maybe their age or a little bit older or younger up there playing on the stage in ever way shape and form like the adults over on the main stage?


K.H: I love it. You know the way the School of Rock, Teen Vibes and the Kid’s Corner areas have expanded over the years is a testament of how Gathering of the Vibes is succeeding. You know last year 2300 or so kids under the age of 15 coming with their parents and to put these kids on a stage and see them perform is inspiring. Anything to get the kids away from the Playstation the Game Boys and all the other video games and get them engaged in music and all the different activities we have; not only for the children but for the teens as well and that can only be a positive thing.


D.W: And with that I remember seeing a lot of those same families and kids over in the non-profit village area, do you find that there are any particular issues that you’d like to see people paying a little more attention to that might be represented there this year?


K.H: Um… yea. I mean the needs are so great within Connecticut. You know, for a state that is known to be so unbelievably well off within the Gold Coast and then to see at the same time, so many people in need. You know there is the impression that Connecticut flush with money and everyone is driving Mercedes Benz and BMW’s. And that is certainly not the case. With the sate and federal governments cutting back on social services and the needs…and mental Health services specifically. You know we really need to evaluate what we’re doing here as a society, and not only locally but globally, and try to get a handle on what we can do on a local individual basis as it pertains to mental health. And one thing I am very supportive of is a foundation called the David Lynch Foundation, which specializes in teaching inner city children and the teaching of transcendental meditation. And it’s proven to not only help kids with ADHD and vets with post traumatic stress, you know it’s these types of programs and non – profits that need our support and deserve our support at a time when again, the state and federal governments are pulling back financial support. So we need to do everything we can to support non-profits and programs that are succeeding. That’s our goal there within the non – profit and sustainability village.


D.W: I think that’s one of the greatest, well one of the most important aspects of that is that people are coming here to have a good time but they are also given the opportunity of learning something.


K.H: Yea. I the words of Jerry Garcia “Our Job is to shed light and not to master” You know its important that we show not only the kids but the adults too what they could do in their every day lives, to be a part of the solution, to help and to volunteer, to vote and have your voice be heard as we approach the mid-term elections. These kids are…you know we’re all feeling so disenfranchised. But the importance of getting out there and voting is essential to the foundation of what we’re all about here in the United States. I’m on the board of directors for an organization called Head and we’re registered over a quarter million individuals at concerts throughout the U.S. There is nothing more important in my eyes right now then to vote for the candidate who sucks the least. [laughter]Be heard. Be engaged. What ever your social stance is you know, whatever it is whether its gay rights or legalization of medicinal marijuana or homelessness or feeding children who are in need and social services. Whatever you feel passionate about it really isn’t that difficult to find out where the candidates lie within their voting record, and vote for the individual whom you feel aligns best values and beliefs.


D.W: So very true. Lastly as we’re just about at our time, is there anything you wanted to share or get out there?


K.H: Again I’m pleased to offer Bridgeport residents the three day Bridgeport Resident Pass for $75 dollars and then Sunday will again be Family Day and discounted tickets for Connecticut residents. You know we have a great event here excited to see everybody down at the part at the end of the month. And hopefully, well definitely not hopefully, look forward to continue to support Bridgeport and it’s parks and residents.


D.W: Well thank you Very much Ken and hopefully I’ll see you down at the Festival.


K.H: That sounds great dude!

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GAME DAY TUESDAY: Dynasty Warriors 8

Welcome back for game day Tuesday with Pat our resident gamer. Here’s his review on Dynasty Warriors 8. Enjoy.


Dates Released:
• February 28, 2013
• July 16, 2013
• July 19, 2013
• July 25, 2013
Platform Systems:
• PlayStation 3
• PlayStation 4
• PlayStation VITA
• Xbox 360
• Microsoft Windows
Hack-and-Slash; Action (Single/Multiplayer/Coop)

Basic Description:
DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 is the latest entry into the DYNASTY WARRIORS series. The game premise is basically the same: The Wei, Shu and Wu fighting against each other for supremacy in China. However, the story takes things farther, introducing a new faction called the Jin and having a new loose kind of faction with different characters, each with their own special mission. This faction is called Other.

The Wei are led by Cao Cao, who aims to unite the land with strength and reason. The Shu are led by Liu Bei and his sworn brothers, Zhang Fei and the “God of War” Guan Yu. The Wu are led by Sun Jian, who is then killed and Sun Ce. Sun Ce is then killed and Sun Quan is put in charge. The Jin are led by Sima Jin, who takes over the Wei after serving the Wei Dynasty for several generations. Each of these factions’ storylines are intertwined with each other.

As is the general rule of DYNASTY WARRIORS, each new game has new characters added. My personal favorites are the daughter of Guan Yu, Guan Yinping and the young prodigy strategist Jiang Wei. Of course, however, my all-time favorite is Xiahou Dun.

Gameplay is the usual hack-and-slash formula; however, the game does have a few new features. Ambition Mode acts much like the Empires version, where you wage war in order to build up your kingdom, for example. Another great feature is weapon upgrades, which can certainly turn the tide in battle.

One new feature that I found a bit annoying, however, is that weapons now have elements attached to them. The elements are Heaven, Earth and Man. These elements make enemy heroes a bit tougher to defeat, seeing as how having two weapons of the same element type can totally ruin your day. I hope that in the eventual release of Empires that they take this feature out, as it has cost me a few victories in Story Mode.
Graphics have improved drastically and cutscenes are crisp and clear. They certainly aren’t as great as FINAL FANTASY graphics, but considering how far the game engine has come, it’s a definite improvement.
Audio is good. Seriously, the audio in this game is extremely immersive and I feel like I AM in the game. Course, having a useful audio settings menu helps with fitting the game to your preferences.

So all in all, DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 lives up to its name, although it can be a bit more improved on certain areas. The combat is good, if not repetitive, but frankly, it’s fun to tear through hordes of enemies with ease. I’ve always enjoyed the games and have been a fan since DYNASTY WARRIORS 5: Empires. I love it and you should try it out, too.

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Dates Released:
• June 17, 2011
• June 21, 2011
• July 28, 2011
Platform Systems:
• Microsoft Windows
• Playstation 3
• Xbox 360
Action Role-Playing Game (Single/Multiplayer)

Basic Discription:
Dungeon Siege III is the latest entry into the Dungeon Siege series. Starting with the original Dungeon Siege, the challenging combat and excellent storytelling, as well as an innovative skill tree that was constantly improved on with each entry (Including expansions of both Dungeon Siege I and II), the series quickly earned a place in video game history as one of the progenitors of dungeon-crawling action RPGs.

The story revolves around the Kingdom of Ehb, which was founded after the fall of the Empire. Founded by both the nobles and the Legion, the elite guardian army of Ehb, the land fell into chaos after the king was murdered by the Legion’s commanders. The daughter of the King, Jeyne Kassyder, soon led a war against the Legion which resulted in their destruction.
You play one of four characters, each with the blood of the Legion within them:
Lucas Montbarren, the youngest son of Hugh Montbarren (The Grand Commander of the Legion); Katarina, the illegitimate daughter of Hugh Montbarron and a Lescanzi witch and therefore Lucas’ half-sister; Anjali, an archon, whose race were servants of the lost creator gods and Reinhart Manx, a descendant of Merik the Mage (Who was a party member in the first Dungeon Siege (How’s that for a nostalgia moment, gamers?)). Together the four must rebuild their nation while reforming the Legion and fighting against the armies of Jeyne Kassyder.

Graphics are much better this time around and with the processing power of the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, the game runs smoother and has barely any noticeable lag.
Audio is good as well; however, the developers could’ve spent a bit more time with the audio options. The ability to equalize sound quality would have been ideal for this game.
Gameplay is incredible if not particularly challenging and, at times as I had found while playing, quite rage-inducing. I played on the easiest difficulty setting (Casual: For players who don’t want to die as much) and I still died countless times. I lost track after 23 and I was barely halfway through the game at that point. The controls, however, made things a lot easier, with certain buttons for attacks and abilities and the option of healing yourself. However, I feel that being able to use potions in a tight spot would have been ideal, as you could add this to your healing ability.
All in all, Dungeon Siege III blew me away, totally surpassing its predecessors with its innovative combat, amazing storyline, interesting characters and many quests that you could do to be able to gain more levels before taking on the next boss (Mini-bosses with fire auras are bullcrap, by the way) and continuing the story.
I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I highly recommend it to any RPG fan.
– Patrick Gedney

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